Behaviour Blog- Katia Cole

Katia Cole, one of the Pass It On team members at Reading College, writes a behaviour blog. She has written a variety of posts on all aspects of behaviour, including some fantastic posts on her use of Google Glass. She provides honest reflections on her own classroom experiences, she shares learning from CPD she has participated in and she shares top tips, links and videos from others too.

One of my favourite posts from Katia has been on the subject of routine and structure. I think that this extract sums up the kind of approach that you can expect from Katia in her blogging: practical, honest and realistic reflections:

‘With the hard to reach students I work with at Reading College, I have found that students often ask to repeat things they have done before, or ask ‘are we going to do that thing we did last week?’ as if they find comfort and stability with things they recognise. At the start of term I experimented with starting every session for health students with a quick drama game linked to the session. After some lethargic student attempts and grumbles, a few weeks in I thought it might not be working so I was going to give it a miss the next week. As soon as they realised I wasn’t going to run a game there were cries of ‘aren’t we doing a game? But you said it exercises our brains!’. Now they trust and expect me to run an engaging game related to their session and the results are great. For other groups routines have involved setting individual online games at the beginning of a session, making sure I greet them formally or simply asking them how their previous lesson or evening/weekend was. However, I feel like I haven’t been consistent enough with some groups or have not been able to cope myself with expected changes and I am paying the price in some unsettled classes. No-one’s perfect eh?!’

You can access her blog here


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