Pass It On YouTube Channel

Anyone who has ever spent time on the Internet will no doubt have discovered the incredible phenomenon of the YouTube time warp. You enter searching for one video and finally come out the other end having watched 50.
Three years ago, a student showed me how to make a YouTube playlist. I’d heard that they existed but just couldn’t work out how to make one.
Once I’d worked it out, I couldn’t stop. The Pass It On YouTube channel now exists as a collection of teaching, learning and staff development videos in a range of categories (see the full list of categories below).
See how long you can spend there!
Activate Learning
Classroom Climate
Curriculum Transformation
E&D, Tutorials, Safeguarding
Education- General
Education Research
Feedback and Marking
Google Apps
Learning Philosophy
LSAs (TAs)
Pass It On
Personalised Learning
Planning for Learning
Poundland Pedagogy
Study Skills
Teaching Exam Technique
Teaching Resources and Ideas
Vocational Teaching

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