Pass It On Weekly

Pass It On essentially came from a desire for staff to share with one another, learn together and inspire each other. Twitter is a vibrant place where this happens internationally all day long.
Despite its greatness, there are a couple of main issues:
1- Unless you’re regularly active, it can be easy to feel left out where the community aspect is involved. Your questions, ideas and comments may easily get lost in the myriad of posts.
2- It’s very easy to miss great content if you’re off Twitter for any period of time at all.
Enter Paper.Li
Read Pass It On Weekly here (updated every Monday morning)
This is a site where you can create an account and gather content from social media in one place. You can select the hashtags it draws information from and then it will update automatically on a weekly basis. You can edit your issue each week, using the cross to remove anything you don’t think is as relevant. It can then be shared.
We have created Pass It On Weekly so that staff at Activate Learning (and beyond) can benefit from the ¬†inspiration on Twitter- it provides an easily digestible weekly snapshot of posts and ideas. If staff aren’t on Twitter then they can still easily benefit from what’s being shared and it may inspire them to get an account. Read all about joining Twitter here.
Read Pass It On Weekly here (updated every Monday morning)

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