Target Setting and Measuring Progress

In this video (recorded using Google Hangouts), Lawrence Hill @LHillmusic and Hannah Tyreman @hannahtyreman talked through a variety of approaches to target setting and measuring progress in the classroom.

This is the video:

These are the resources we referenced:

Click here to access


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  1. […] In a recent video hangout with Lawrence Hill (@LHillmusic) about target setting and measuring progress, we spoke about how he encourages his students to reflect on their work and their peers’ work using medal, growth, steal. The steal being something the student would like to emulate from another person’s work because it’s so great. This is a strategy to employ as part of peer assessment as it develops students’ evaluation skills and allows them to focus on what they’re aiming towards in their next piece of work. This is a version of stealing I’ve used in the past: […]

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