Pass It On CPD- Review of 14/15

Pass It On is through another great year of staff sharing with one another, learning together and inspiring each other.

As we’re looking ahead to another successful year ahead, we have collated a review of the progress and impact made over the last year and we felt some of you may wish to view this. Thank you so much to those staff who gave up their time to contribute to this.

Intro PIO

Develop PIO

Develop PIO 2




AOC Stats 14-15

Case Studies from staff who have been involved in Pass It On:

All of the case studies can be viewed in one document here

Jess S Joe H Katia C Mandy G Preeti V Rachel G Scott R

Ben Sims- Student Coach

My story:

First started as LSA – was unaware of development available apart from CPD days.

I sought out additional training and was lucky enough to be granted opportunities to attend job specific training. However everything changed the following year during my time as a student coach.


I first discovered Pass It On sessions through Gill and Hannah. I had been aware of their existence for a short duration but was not sure how appropriate there were to my role as business support staff. Once Pass It On had fully launched I realised the opportunities for personal progression.

There were technical toolkit sessions, which not only developed my own personal I.T skills, but allowed me to hand down tips and tricks to learners who wanted to improve their ability to use the technology to aid their learning. I attended sessions about how to attain more focused learner voice, which could be used to have a greater impact on transforming the surroundings and curriculum materials provided to learners. There were even sessions aiming to improve coaching standards, giving food for thought about questioning techniques and assisting learners to achieve.

Student X and Student Y are prime examples of students who utilised my training in order to help them achieve. After time management training, I found extra time in my day to set up coursework and exam preparation sessions. The coaching training allowed me to break down what seemed like incomprehensible tasks into ones that seemed smaller and much more understandable. For the first time in weeks student X and student Y were picking up extra marks all over the place – leading them to a C grade in English: success and achievement on both sides!

It didn’t take long for the PIO team to realise that I wanted to develop with every opportunity I could, and I was asked to share my enthusiasm by becoming a presenter for the next CPD days. I found myself sharing insight into learning philosophy and what makes a student coach more effective in the classroom. My own knowledge, discovered and utilised in a complete new way to create better relationships between colleagues.

Throughout the year during many 1:1s with my line manager Gill, discussions about progression opportunities were had. There were goals and challenges to overcome in order to become the candidate ready to take on a new role. However, since Reading College offered all of the in-house training that would prepare me for a managerial role, I attended and absorbed as much knowledge as the CPD team could provide.

Through the development of my:

  • Understanding of learning philosophies
  • Use of technology inside and outside of classroom environments
  • Ability to communicate with members of every team from around the college that attended PIO sessions at similar times
  • Time management & organisational skills

I was hired as the group support team leader: all due to fantastic leadership, alongside outstanding personal development sessions that raised me to a standard beyond my own expectations in such a short timespan.

Gill Davidson- Rationale for Pass It On Induction for coaches

Our main purpose is learning for both staff and students, through the continuous development of Pass it On our staff improve and bring greater benefits for our students.

Purpose of Induction:

To ensure all staff are valued and recognised as the College’s most important asset, staff have the best start in their careers

Student Services created an induction programme which integrated both the Activate induction process alongside the Pass it On model.

Induction for all the coaches  was integrated over a two week period alongside shadowing a member of staff in the role of student Coach

Induction and Pass it On has supported every coach to create a toolkit that would support the coach to create an impactful experience, give them confidence in their role and develop a clear understanding of systems, processes and technology and emotional intelligence

Coaches induction:

  • Generic Activate induction checklist (mandatory for all staff)
  • Integrated Pass it On induction
  • Understanding the Pass it On Model – Meeting the Manager to gain a clear understanding of how this can add value, develop skills and attributes to enhance your professional and personal profile
  • Creating a personal development record that will support your skills development throughout your Activate career
  • Connecting with Technology – Meeting the E-Learning team to set up accounts and join Communities
  • Engaging with Pass it On development opportunities (this will feed into development record)
  • Passing on new skills through delivery of sessions, engaging and connecting with others via use of technology
  • Attending all planned CPD events and regularly contributing through Pass it On Community
  • Regular fortnightly meetings to review progress and look at engagement with Pass it On



C-grade achiever rate in the groups I had student coaches : 31%

C-grade achiever rate in the groups I had no student coaches : 11%.

20% is a huge proportion, which shows that your team brought a big impact to my result.


Career progression for two coaches this academic year into teaching and team leader roles.


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