Learning Environments

If you’ve watched the Pass It On video, you may have recognised that much of the basis of this CPD is sharing across the College. This means beyond your corridor and your own department. It means taking a risk and having an adventure.

These are some reasons (not founded in evidence however) that suggest why a classroom environment might contribute to the learning experience.

Some excellent practice

How are you…

  • Displaying, commenting upon and celebrating success?
  • Incorporating positive and aspirational role models and stories from diverse backgrounds?
  • Developing learners’ English vocabulary and maths skills?
  • Creating 3D and 2D displays?
  • Creating interactive displays or ones students can contribute to?
  • Developing areas of your workshop/ classroom that lead to greater organisation?
  • A range of surfaces for learners to write and work on?
  • Displaying thought-provoking questions to promote reflection?
  • Promoting learning outside of class?
  • Incorporating technology?

Some serious dont’s:

  • The old college logo
  • Displays more than one year old
  • Images from the internet that don’t belong to you
  • Torn paper/backing and damaged materials
  • Displays that are merely a prompt of their learning- it leads to laziness
  • Broken/damaged classroom furniture
  • Not labelling displays or indicating what their relevance is to the students
  • Spelling mistakes- ask a colleague to check

Read this great advice about creating classroom displays.

Take a look through these pictures and be inspired by the great work going on around the college! I’ll bet you’ll see at least one room you haven’t seen before! What will you take forward as an idea for your own classroom?

Update Nov 2015

A range of displays in Health & Social Care, Early Years, Public Services and Sport are designed to promote students’ development as well as display their learning.

These displays promote the development of English skills, transferable attributes and British values and were spotted in the foundation department by Cheryl Pennington (@penncheryl)

Update Sept 2015

Lizzie Francis, lecturer in Health & Social Care, shared her classroom displays with us:

The crossword is designed to be changed each week with new clues around different topics. For example the current topic is BTEC terminology and next Friday it will be changed to a new topic. The spaces have been laminated so that the learners who use the classroom can write on them with whiteboard pens until all the answers have been found and the squares can simply be cleaned and reused each week.
Information Wall
The information wall is specifically for health and social care level 3 year 2 learners, as this is where all of their information for the academic year will be placed including timetables, trips, assessment plans and general information.
Twitter & Google
The Twitter birds and Google Gs have once again been laminated, this is so that they can ‘tweet’ about anything to the learners and the Google ‘Gs’ is to share what everyone has been researching. The advantage to these is that they are reusable and low cost to make.
2013-2014 Images


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