Getting Started in Blogging

Getting started in blogging
Blogging about your teaching can enable a reflective approach to learning if you write in that way. It could open up wider debate about teaching & learning issues or it could be a platform for you to share your teaching ideas with the world. You might like to create a class blog so that your students can all contribute to it. One of the easier ways is to share the WordPress (or other chosen platform such as Blogger) username and password with the students. They can then go on and add a post whenever they like.
You should consider in advance what the subject of your blog will be. If you want to declare your views on education openly, it might be wise to consider having an anonymous blog or rethinking your content and its phrasing.
THESE TOP BLOGS might give you some ideas for the kinds of posts you’d like to create but really, anything goes!
THIS ADVICE is about discovering your blogging voice. 
Although the Pass It On sessions’ focus is exploring the use of WordPress, there are other sites you could consider:
Happy Blogging!

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