#learningAL CPD Day

This year’s CPD was themed around the Activate Learning Philosophy and Curriculum Transformation.

The morning began with Cheryl’s outline of the Activate Learning Philosophy in relation to the brain, motivation and emotions.


Click the above image to open the presentation. 

The Power of believing you can improve.– TED Talk, Carol Dweck

Staff then attended a series of workshops delivered by colleagues in relation to what this looks like in reality. Some of these were directed more towards business support staff and the varied roles they undertake. Staff booked into these sessions beforehand and there were a number of them that filled up very quickly.

Updated CPD Day Plan

Tweeting took place over the morning and you can explore this here.

How to produce a poster using Google Drawing– Fiona Moore

How to produce a presentation using Emaze– Fiona Moore

The Creation of Readiness– Carly Francis

Think Like an Engineer– to accompany Carly Francis’s and Scott Reilly’s sessions

Becoming a brand ambassador– The Marketing Team

More resources from the morning workshops will be available soon!

The absolute highlight of this was Bryan Mathers spotting what was going on via our hashtag and creating this image for us. This image is now the background on my iPad and I have made a Chrome theme with it…Excited is not the word!

2015 - 1

As I’ve explained previously, our curriculum transformation has been taking place over the last year. The afternoon gave teams an opportunity to explore their curriculums some more. They had visits from members of our senior leadership team and Pablo, who leads on enterprise activities at the colleges.

These were their directions for the afternoon.

As departments share their notes from the afternoon, these will be added here.

Visual Arts interpretation of brain, motivation and emotions 1

Visual Arts interpretation of brain, motivation and emotions 2

Visual Arts interpretation of brain, motivation and emotions 3

Feedback from staff for the afternoon is below. Thank you to all our facilitators on the day!

#learningAL feedback


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