Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2015 #LTSF15

Hannah Tyreman

In a week where I ended up being in the office for a mere 1 and half days (part of which I was in the classroom), I attended the learning technologies summer forum at London Olympia.

I was there less for the technologies and more for the learning & development sessions. I went because my manager couldn’t go but it was possibly one of the best conferences I’ve been to. Fingers crossed that she’ll be unable to go next year too!


Image available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-maze-ing_Laughter

Deborah Frances-White 

An uplifting, hilarious, engaging and relevant keynote. 

She questioned, ‘When does our childlike need for ‘go’s disappear?’ As adults, we become more afraid and scared of failure; if we have a ‘go’ then it needs to be quick, painless and failure-free. In a professional situation, more ‘go’s generally give us more chance for embarrassment and failure so we avoid taking risks and just having…

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