Jill Berry- #ReadTL15


We are very pleased to be able to announce the second Reading Teaching and Learning Conference to take place at Reading College on Saturday 27 June.

This free day of CPD will showcase great Teaching and Learning from across the education sector, including the FE sector and will cost nothing. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend a number of sessions on the day that will each contain collaboration, discussion and learning aplenty.

Matt Bromley has been confirmed as the keynote speaker on ‘The Science of Learning’ and Mindset as well as facilitating a workshop on ‘The ingredients for outstanding learning’. Matt is an experienced school and college leader, an education writer and consultant, and a teacher-trainer. You can view his bio here.

The day will embody Reading College’s own ‘Pass It On‘ ethos with practitioners sharing their time, resources and passion in order to inspire others. Students will have a very visible presence on the day; providing the food, technology support and visitor services. You can read more about the day here.

This is the first in a series of posts written by our #ReadTL15 workshop speakers. First up is Jill Berry.


What will your workshop be about?

The challenge and the joy of leadership at all levels in education.

Describe yourself in 5 words:


What does education mean to you?

It’s about helping individuals to be the best they can be – both students and staff. Leaders at all levels have to create the climate within which people can thrive!

What is the best CPD you’ve ever done and why?

I have to say I think what I’ve learnt through engaging in Twitter, and writing, reading and responding to blogs since I left teaching/headship may have taught me more than all the formal CPD I did during my career!

What is the best thing about your job?

I loved being a teacher and a head, but I think I perhaps love life post-headship even more…I have time and balance in my life now, and I really enjoy having the opportunity to work in different schools, and also to work with a range of staff and school leaders from a large number of schools; supporting and challenging them to be their best professional selves.

What is the most memorable moment of your working life and why?

Too many to count, I would say – there were moments of joy in all my jobs across six different schools. I loved teaching English and passing on my enthusiasm for writers and texts, but I also really enjoyed contributing to the extra-curricular life of these schools in many different ways, for example in drama – I choreographed West Side Story in one school and directed a hugely enjoyable Daisy Pulls It Off in another. As a head I introduced an annual staff pantomime and especially relished playing the villain….

Who has had the greatest influence on you and why?

Again, so many – leaders, colleagues and friends in all my schools. I was blessed in having a wonderful PA and a superb senior team in the school where I was a head, and I certainly learnt hugely from working with them. They definitely helped to shape the leader I became.

Thank a teacher:

Mr Malyan, the teacher who taught me when I was in Year 6. This is MANY years ago now but I remember so much of what we did in his class and I remember his faith in me – especially in my writing. He used to say, ‘Dedicate your first book to me!’ I haven’t written it yet (and, sadly, he is no longer with us) but when I DO write it I will dedicate it to his memory.

Register to attend #ReadTL15 on Saturday 27th June 2015 here!


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