Engaging Learners in the Library Environment

Suzannah Bridge

Over the past 12 months we’ve tried various ways to engage our learners in the library environment. Aside from the usual displays and larger learner engagement projects such as the Six Book Challenge, we’ve found a few simple additions to our library have had a large impact.

To the side of the library counter, as learners walk in, we have a game of Scrabble constantly running. We don’t keep scores, the aim is simply to see if you can put a word down. Many of our learners (and staff!) will regularly stop at the Scrabble board to have a look at the letters and see if they can play a word or two. It’s fantastic to see the range of learners who partake in this; including some of those who you would least expect! On more than a few occasions we’ve let groups of learners take the Scrabble board…

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