Back in November of this year, the process to transforming our curriculum began with #CurricCon14 (read all about it here), where staff shared the way in which they were transforming their curriculum. There were a wide range of workshops delivered during the afternoon and these were attended by teaching and business support staff alike. In January, we wanted a closer exploration of what any transformed curriculum would be looking to develop in its learners (read all about it here). We used the ‘T shaped learner’ concept to lead these explorations. This January morning activity lead into an afternoon team activity where staff explored what a transformed curriculum might look for them: how the curriculum will develop learner attributes AND skills, how FELTAG will be incorporated in the learning and how the curriculum will enable learners to progress (with inclusion of employer engagement). These curriculum proposals would be presented to panels of SMT, governors and employers in March. And this is where #CurricCon15 took place. There was a separate panel room for each area and they had 25 minute appointments: 15 minutes for presentations and 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

2.30-3.00pm– panelists meet for tea, coffee and networking

3.00-3.30pm– Access to HE, Construction and Motor Vehicle, Music, Media & Performing Arts

3.35- 4.00pm– A Levels and GCSEs, Engineering, Employability, Community and Foundation, Hair, Hospitality, Beauty and Travel & Tourism

4.05- 4.30pm– Visual Arts, Business and IT, LLD/D, Health & Social Care, Sport and Public Services

4.35-5.00pm– Panelists debrief and feedback

Panelists were given a briefing, recommended questions and feedback forms:

T shaped

online learning


feedback form

They then gave feedback here:

and some of the main points were reviewed to share with staff:


All of these slides were made using Slides Carnival.

The most unexpected feedback came with regards to the way in which we’re talking about and selling our curriculum. This wasn’t something we had particularly prepared for and what we realised was that it was those teams who had brought along learners who really sold their curriculums the best.

There have been discussions take place since this event between the departments and the employers met on the day. There are work experience and mentoring opportunities being offered for our learners and other partnerships are beginning to develop.

The next steps for us will be to share some of the very best ideas shared on the day with the other departments and ensure that all departments are fully supported in realising their curriculum transformations. Watch this space.

If you haven’t tried anything like this then we’d highly recommend it: it will now form part of our annual CPD events. The original idea really came from being inspired by the work of Chris Waugh and his Town Meeting (we held our own last summer).



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