The Writing’s On The Wall

Transparent Smart Wall Paint was won from Amjad Ali’s (ASTSupportAAli) #TMOxford.

The library have been using this and I interviewed Suzannah Bridge about its use.


What are your plans for the paint?

At present, we are asking learners what they’re reading and we have similar questions related to literacy in general too in the future. We’re also going to use it as a feedback wall: asking a specific question or to obtain more general feedback. We’d also like the learners to use it as a collaborative workspace.

In what ways is the paint better than other methods of engaging the learners?

Writing on the wall has caught attention and if we had an ordinary whiteboard, they wouldn’t pay attention to it. We’ve had a lot of people look at it because they’re not expecting to see writing on the wall. Learners have to collect the pen and they have been doing this- they’re choosing to actively engage with us and other methods wouldn’t generate this level of participation.

When we ask for learners’ feedback, there’ll be a level of accountability for this. We can’t hide a very visible wall and the learners will expect us to respond and say what we’re doing or what we’re going to do. Their expectations will be higher of us than if they were completing an online questionnaire and sending it to an unknown source.

Emilia Zullo submitted an application for a tin of white sketch paint that we had been donated. She wanted to use it with her science learners in a lab. She won!

IMG_5453 IMG_5454

What are her plans for the paint and how will these plans have a positive impact on learners?

Space in the lab for learners to display work and interact with the walls and windows is limited due to the placement of desks and equipment. Her hopes are that she can get students to write more and ask questions more by having paint on the desks and in a space outside the classroom. Sometimes, the learners might have a question and then forget about it five minutes later. With the sketch paint, they’ll be able to make a note of it as soon as they think about it. She’s also planning to ask groups to leave feedback on the lesson and use it as exit ticket to answer specific questions. Initial reactions from learners have been positive.

What could wall paint do for you and your learners?


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