Learners see the teaching – as we see the learning!

Rachel George shares some thoughts on Open Classrooms Week.


Wow what an awesome week! Open classroom week is actually by far the the most fun week as a teacher, I mean you get to go out of your department, out of your environment and check out all the learning that goes on everywhere else!


What an opportunity to just explore the College and the learning potential!

 photo 1 (2)

So on my first trip around the College, Salwa and I decided to take two learners with us. It was an experiment really, but I decided to chose two learners from different ends of the scale; this proved interesting.


So off we went, searching for that door hanger that was the green light for having a nosey. There it was on the door of a classroom in A levels, so we approached with caution, all four of us! After slipping in and finding an empty table we sat and started…

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