Open Classrooms Day 3- Ian Grace

OMGYG!!! 34 young ladies in one classroom and their challenge is to learn about how Government Policy is made…Yawn!…A recipe for a challenging afternoon for teacher…BUT NO!

Rachel George’s Level 3 group were doing exactly that from the moment I arrived and one learner boldly asked ‘are you here for the green door?’ to the leaving and the class ‘Goodbye Ian!’- what a joy!

The task was to individually come up with an idea for a Government policy that they were to present tomorrow (Thursday) (hope someone goes to see it and lets us know how they did!?)

They have a strong ‘housekeeping’ ethic that they are all aware of and stick to and a huge respect for each other, Rachel and the learning opportunity. They shared opinions, helped each other with ideas for their individual policy idea and the teacher was almost redundant for the hour I was there as they were clear of the objective. They used phones and Chromebooks to research with no misuse occurring anywhere….It was AWESOME!

Rachel had such a rapport with them that she could sense difficulty or the need for input and walked the room continuously saying ‘Oooo what’s that? That looks good!?’ The planning before the lesson was evident because the lesson required very little once the brief was explained and a few ideas chatted through individually with those who needed a little more encouragement.

Brilliant Rachel!


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