Day 2 of Open Classrooms- Ian Grace

So, Tuesday morning I went with James Kieft to see Emilia Zullo in her Human physiology access course class for the first 20 mins where we saw an engaged group of learners and some good teaching, well done Emilia!

I liked the Connect activity, about the airway path from mouth to blood stream of oxygen and the connecting technical terms together but not just with lines but with the relationships between them also H.O.T stuff! 🙂

The lesson plan was explained by signposting in the lesson, what a later topic would be.

Good remembering Q&A from all learners, calm & engaged with confident sharing of knowledge and helping each other.

Good learning checks throughout but I really liked the triangle I posted on the Pass it On CPD community, where it seemed to be used as a learning check for last lesson and a starter connect activity for this one as Emilia was able to pick key questions raised by the learners on it, to clarify understanding…. Loved it!

2014 - 1

Next We ventured to the dizzy height of D floor and the BITE Team where we saw Kevin in action in a small PC equipped room with 18 learners.

Kevin was again providing great questioning and set his first activity for them and then I learnt about ‘Freeze’ on the projectors. This is where you can keep the displayed screen on the projector whilst searching for another resource on the PC Monitor ready for the next activity/piece of learning without distracting the learners from their current task! So easy but so useful for a well-managed lesson! Nice one Kev!


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