Blog, Blogging, Blogged for Pass It On – Business Support

It’s so fantastic that our first Pass It On for Business Support blog has gone live! This is a really defining and exciting moment. Here’s to many more posts to come!

Pass It On Business Support

‘Can you write a blog for Pass it On, Business Support?’ was the question. The answer was a lot longer! ‘A blog’? Is that another application that has to be learnt? What do you mean by blog? Is it an essay, a letter, a journal or a way to highlight events, work that staff do or just have a nosey about people? Checking the dictionary definition it’s all of these. It can be accessed by everyone and a way to communicate what is happening around college, what you can be part of, what CPD is going on as well as getting to know more about business support staff and their roles.

So here goes……….. the first blog, a beginning, an introduction, a start, but what to say?

Two weeks ago we had a very successful cross-College CPD afternoon where staff shared their skills in the form of short workshops. If…

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