#staffgofurther- Wednesday 15th October 2014
The College has a curriculum model that incorporates one week of ‘go further’ activities. During these ‘Go Further’ weeks, students learn new skills, as well as having extra-curricular experiences outside of their classrooms and subject. They often get the opportunity to collaborate with other departments at the College too in a relaxing and enjoyable way.
Looking at what CPD stands for, we knew that we were missing some of the ‘P’ part. Students were getting these weeks when they focused on a lot of personal skills and experiences but when did our staff get chance to do this? Professional, yes. Personal? Rarely.
So last week, Wednesday 15th October became our first #staffgofurther afternoon. In Pass It On style, the workshops would be run by staff, for staff- but they would have a difference to usual. Staff would be able to let off steam, learn a new skill and have an enjoyable, relaxing experience with colleagues.
This was the schedule of sessions:
Staff Go Further
This was the feedback from staff (click here if you’re unable to see the image).Here’s to more #staffgofurther activities in the months to come!
Staff Go Further Feedback

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