Whole College CPD Day July 2014

The day began with teas and coffees and the principals’ speech.
Then the legendary barbecue came, with the College kitchen lecturing staff excelling themselves once more. 
In the afternoon, staff headed off into their allocated teams and began work on representing the learner journey in video form. The level of effort and creative activity ensured that all videos were astounding and upon entering rooms (having to deny I was a spy), such high levels of collaboration and engagement were witnessed. 
Facilitators were chosen from business support staff, teaching staff and managers. There were two facilitators per team and they were all shared these instructions and this video

The aim was for all participants to leave the room with a fuller sense of what their role is within the learner journey; especially an appreciation of the importance of their role. This is to begin to break-down any perception that the success of students is pre-determined or that it is someone else’s responsibility; that there is no impact we can have on where their destination will be. 

After the creation and (in most cases) submission of videos, all staff headed to the canteen once more for the final activity of the day: starting to turn these learner journeys into something more tangible. The first CPD afternoon of the new year will be an update on the progress with these actions.
The 4 winning videos (after staff voting between Wednesday and Friday):
Group 7- Julie Kennedy and Dave Johnson won the award for the best learner journey.

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