Teaching is my Ecstasy!


Where to begin… education festivals … moving south… teaching…post grad… new friends… it’s a never ending list!

I guess the beginning is a good as place as any. So I will go from there. (Bear with me, it’s my first ever blog!)

So it began in the summer of 69’… Or 2013. I had finished my degree in social sciences, survived is probably the best way to put it! Loved every minute in fact, working two jobs; one in a care home as a team leader (loved this job) and as a TA in a college up north! I also loved this job… both challenging but stretching me in every way possible! It was a very eventful year let’s say, so the summer came and I was working hard. Although I enjoyed what I was doing, it wasn’t offering me the same challenges and everything felt a little empty. Not…

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