Cards for Teamwork by Rachel George

You will need:
A deck of cards
An imaginary line
Set-up instructions:
Scatter the cards face down so students can’t see them.
Ask the students to line up in decided teams (by them or you).
The instructions for the game:
The learners one at a time have to go to the cards on the floor and turn ONE card over – the aim is to have all the cards lined up in order ACE being 1 – to KING on the other side of the line by the end of it.
The point is that they will not figure this out immediately and wont be able to for a while. So start with at least 5 minutes, then they may work out that they can line the cards up face down on the other side of the line, with one person co-coordinating the team – then turn them over to reveal the correct order of the cards.
Although this seems complex it’s not that difficult once you give it a go… also you can add to and subtract from the rules as you go along.
For example I used this as an activity for teaching Health and Social Care – communication – I added the rule that they were not allowed to speak throughout.
Also for Public Services – I added the rule that the ‘natural’ leaders had to follow and the quietest had to lead.
So you can change and add as you wish! Give it a go its a great way to build teams and establish understanding 🙂
Thanks to Flickr- Creative Commons- fdecomite for the featured image on this post.

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