Outstanding T&L 2013 by Cheryl Pennington

I was lucky to have the opportunity of attending a conference by Andy Griffith & Mike Burns @OTeaching, who have written the great book, Engaging Learners.

See the book review I wrote in February on the Teaching & Learning website and buy the book online- CLICK HERE

During the day I attended Twister sessions (designed to twist and stretch your mind). The first Twister was about:

Deepening your students’ thinking.

By giving your students challenging questions to contemplate; students are pushed to develop their higher order thinking skills.

Use this PowerPoint from Kenneth Jackson: Thunks

Try these Thunks too- CLICK HERE

Ian Gilbert’s book of Thunks is a must- have! CLICK HERE


Cookie Monster Game – Which is the odd one out?

One deep thinking activity includes picking ‘the odd one out’ from a group of pictures, images and words. This is a great activity where all students are challenged to think of more and more sophisticated responses as the game progresses.

Try using this video to accompany the activity- a blast from the Sesame Street past!

Why is this learning like a lemon…?

Students, in small groups, have to consider why a particular aspect of their learning is like a lemon.

For example, ‘Why was World War II like a lemon?’

This type of thinking activity can be used to challenge students’ creativity and stretches their learning beyond a usual response.

Challenge and Stretch- Questioning Techniques

Try using the Pose, Pause, Pounce and Bounce questioning technique to extend and challenge students’ learning. Read more from @TeacherToolkit– CLICK HERE

Take a look HERE and HERE for other useful questioning techniques for your classroom.

What will you add to your Feedback box?

Getting your students to meet the challenge of Success Criteria:

How important is it that our learners become autonomous?

How are you not involved with Poundland Pedagogy yet?

Look out for lunches and deliveries in June!

Mystery in your lessons- are you creating it?

That lifelong struggle for a teacher- how are you engaging your learners? There’s no single answer!

Full Fat Feedback- How fatty is your feedback?

Developing more creative learners who are also deep thinkers:


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