Outstanding Leadership 2013 by Nichola Beasley

Under performing department -carrot to help department
Move from good to outstanding-how?
Data pulling grades down
Moving teaching forward-clarity of expectations, what makes outstanding teachers? Keeping teachers at outstanding
Consistency of quality
Video analysis -methodology of OLT

Improving teacher performance- want to see the input, process, outcome model
Does process of teaching have an impact of teaching on learners
Asking students if teachers do things seen in lessons if they normally do it
Feedback really important- audit trail from tutor to student
One definition for assessment for learning so it’s clear

Proof of learning – explain in your own word, presenting understanding in a diagram, explain using a metaphors/simile
Types of teachers: omnivores,grazers, no eaters – how many of your team are each type? THINK like a grazer.
Professional learning instead of development

Looking at the grazers
Embedding outstanding teaching- RUBRIC:
1)  New information
2) Practical tools to use immediately
3) Motivation
4) Change present practice (case study)
These steps will change grazers opinions and attitudes

Michael Fullan – working with people is your biggest challenge
1) ‘Level up’ – pressure, follow up, use it
2) Trust building –
4) Micro focus
5)Video analysis
6) Modelling – showing what we want

The art of kindness – Stefan Einhom
 + Feedback needs to be – Kind, helpful and specific
Stages of feedback reaction – Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. They need to know they have an issue/learning need
Should be evidence based not just on observations as some teachers can deliver outstanding lessons when needed but generally don’t

Marking  and feedback is key to OFSTED
Students to comment on our feedback
Students to help to co-create criteria… What makes a good…..?

Grazers – leaders to change cultures, to move them forward
Coach in groups and teams

Video analysis- give tutors specific things to look for and student reactions, pilot shame with teachers who want to share

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