JISC Innovation Forum by James Kieft Nov 2013

I had an interesting morning on Monday 27th November, I attended a JISC  Innovation forum at Newbury College. I find the JISC Forums an invaluable opportunity to meet colleagues from other Colleges, to see what they are up to and find out how they are tackling the use of technology in teaching and learning.

Other than being located in a rather chilly performance studio, I came away with a number of useful tips and tricks which I thought were worth sharing with you.
The first of which was the use of a laminated handout sheet, which you place on the desk by each student and ask them to place the mobile device on the sheet in the space provided. The sheet also contains 3 QR Codes which link to resources relevant to that session. The QR codes are re-directable ones so each lesson the code can be pointed to a different location without need to print out fresh codes. I thought it was a simple but effective way to manage the students use of their mobile devices.
The second was an app called Wattpad, it provides wannabe authors with a method of publishing their work, but can also be used as a way of sharing handouts with students. You do this by copying and pasting your handout into a a blank Wattpad page, you can then add relevant tags so that students can search for the handout. Wattpad is available on both Android and Apple devices. Find out more here
And finally the last thing was also an App this one was called videonot.es

This app lets you add notes to a video that are synchronised with specific parts of the video time line. When you click on a specific note it jumps the video to the relevant section. Check out Blog to find out more.


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